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Kevin Olson Memorial Fund

"Growing up in a racing family, I was always familiar with the acronym USAC. I saw it on my
dad’s trophies that I would play alongside as a little girl and on his shiny rings. My father, Kevin
Olson, was a two-time USAC champion and was very proud of this particular racing
accomplishment. He raced for over six decades and had no intentions of stopping, until his life
was tragically cut short by a negligent driver. This devastated our family and I know it
devastated the racing community. The support and love my father received in life and after his
passing from his fellow racers, fans, and USAC was very touching to his surviving partner and
children. USAC came to my family’s aid in a time of disarray and heartache and with the
assistance of Raceaid, they helped alleviate some of my family’s financial burden during our
time of grieving. Like a true racer at heart, my dad always lived in the present: scoring rides,
making decisions on the track, and making ends meet. A racer’s salary can be unstable, but my
dad loved the sport so much that he couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do any other job, because racing
had his heart. So, he lived his racing career season by season, ride by ride and continued to do
so up until his death. As you can imagine, in terms of posthumous planning, my father had not
put much into place. My family was left to cover the cost of his funerary expenses and they
quickly started to add up. Thanks to USAC’s Raceaid we were able to purchase a grave marker
and a beautiful bench, which is placed near his resting spot. We are forever grateful for the help USAC provided our family and commend them for supporting the racing community and their families."

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